Fish farming in Cameroon is a field in full expansion. Therefore, in order to support young people to get involved in the development of this activity, AgroAkylas with its staff rich in long experience in this sector, opens its doors to anyone motivated and willing to get started.


Beekeeping is a branch of agriculture which consists of the breeding of honey bees to exploit the products of the hive, mainly honey but also wax, royal jelly, pollen and propolis, even venom. bee. Agroakylas offers quality training to young people first, fights for the survival of bees in a second time and finally benefits from the products of the exploitation

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Agriculture (from the Latin agricultura, composed from ager, 'field', and cultura, 'cultivation' is a process by which human beings manage their ecosystems and control the biological cycle of domesticated species, with the aim of produce food and other resources that are useful to their societies. ) to cultivate and collect living beings (plants, animals, even fungi or microbes) useful to humans. It is in this perspective that Agroakylas contributes to the fight against unemployment and famine

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Agriculture is the art & science of cultivating the soil, growing crops and raising livestock.

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